I have been struggling with writing this post.  I have had 20 complete gifts ready since June.  There is an overabundance of young new moms everywhere.  I could have opened my door and handed them all out in one day as I watched them walk by.  But I want to be able to minister to girls and have the time to honor their new role as a mother not just give them some items.  So I waited....the first mother I wanted to give a gift too was a regular at our feeding out reach in Pinalito.  She continued coming when we added the Bible class for the kids with Pastora Yeni.  Yafet was born in the beginning of July and the weeks I would bring the gift were weeks she would miss.  It finally worked that she came and I had the gift the last week we were in Gracias in mid August.  But it was down pouring and we were all getting soaked even under the tent there was so much rain.  I so wanted to give her the gift and be able to show her the items I put together with love.  But the rain was so loud we could not even talk and I was not going to have another chance for several months.  I gave her the gift and it was awkward and anticlimactic for all the work it took to get to that point.  We did not even get a good picture.  The praise report is I have run into both of them in town since we have been back in Gracias.....and she had her sling with her!  She was very proud to show it to me too.

The next baby to receive the gift was a few days later, out neighbor had just given birth to a little girl and had just walked home from the hospital.  I went next door with my gift and Annalise and Abigail  She was happy to show off the baby but was very tired and the baby was ready to eat.  I kindly gave the gift showing her the instructions I included and took a picture of the baby and needed to leave the new mommy to be with her baby.

Then yesterday I was finally able to see the vision of the Mommy Project come to fruition.  One of the young girls, age 15, from the Breakfast Kitchen has a little girl, Helen Bernice, in October.  Kevin invited her over to our house to show off her daughter.  I have had Fatima over before and told her about how God sent us here to love on people just like her.  She has always been shy around me, but not around boys.  I know nothing about the father of the baby other than he is 21 and lives somewhere else.   I was told Helen was very little and skinny the first month but now that Fatima has been faithfully nursing her, she is making more than enough and the baby is now filling out to be nice and healthy.  I was able to give her her gift, to her embarrassment.  Also to her embarrassment, the baby peed threw the little piece of cloth she had on for a diaper all over me.   It was the perfect opportunity to open the gift and get out a real cloth diaper.  I was able to talk about the amazing thing that is a waterproof diaper cover.  Perfect for when you leave the house and for bedtime.  She was excited at the thought of not getting soaked at night.  I then moved on to showing her how to wear the sling demonstrating it first, then having her try. 

So my grand goal for 300 moms for 2012 has only been 3.  But I am thankful to be waiting on God's timing to be able to minister to girls as God opens relationships for me to be able to love on a new moms one at a time.   I have 17 more ready for when the times present themselves.   I have blankets, stuffed animals, and hat for at least 300.  I am going to trow out the numbers and just bless new moms as I am able.  I will make more slings and buy more cloth diapers as I am able.  

The moms I am able to share the gifts with, that so many of you friends have helped put together thru your prayers and resources, will be blessed and loved on.  Just dropping the numbers and focusing on the

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