The biggest change is Cristhian and Gisselle have started school. 
5 days a week from 7:45 am til 2:10 pm for Cristhian and 3 pm for Gisselle.
Both 5 days a week and all day, on top of the English are new to them both.

After a year off, Gisselle was ready to take on the challenge and has taken to getting ready early and works on her homework with diligence in the evenings.

Christian likes to sleep in the morning and having all day school is new.  We started out the week with new school year jitters but each day has been better and today he said he had a good day at school.  Yeah!

The school supply list was long and detailed and between the language barrier and not having sales flyers and coupons, it was a true challenge for me.  We got everything they needed but at three times the cost as if I would have shopped in the US.  There is still one thing I could not bring myself to buy, a $10 plastic water bottle.  Gisselle is borrowing my stainless steel one until I can get her one on our trip to Kansas in December.

Kevin and some friends made the trek to the top of Mount Celaque.
It was a 3day 2night trip.  He really enjoyed the fellowship but would have done without his 80lb backpack. 

I was thankful to have Rachel Witte here during his trek.  Really was thankful to have her here for a whole month.  She had a great time helping out at the desayunador (Breakfast Kitchen).  As I type I am remembering we have added several videos of the desayunador to my youtube account.  Let me post a few here so those who want to see before they visit....

Children's Breakfast Kitchen Mon-Fri.

Children's Breakfast Kitchen in Gracias

Children's Breakfast Kitchen Colonia Progresso

The kids are growing and really learning some Spanish now. 
Annalise can carry on a decent conversation with other kids and play games.  Abby does not say much yet unless she is correcting Annalise.
Josiah still asks how to say everything in Spanish.  And when he is playing by himself he will sing in some understandable words and some not so much.  His favorite words to sing are cuatro,cinco,seis. (4,5,6)
Jaelle is learning to sign.  She can sign 'more' in response to more in English or mas in Espanol.  She can also respond to sit down, come, and good-bye in both languages.
Kevin is doing well also.  He is determined and works it hard and is learning quick.  He had his first opportunity to preach last week in village called Los Ciles.  It went really well.  Russell Sowers gave the interpretation in Spanish to help so that the service would move along.  A year from now, Kevin will not need an interpreter.

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