So much so I did not have the time to take pictures once the kids arrived.
Ok...backing up...as you all know we have been hosting a feeding station in Pinalito since February each Saturday at 11 am.  We had found a family that was willing to let us use their home to cook and serve the food.  It was working ok as a feeding station as the need for the food was definite, but it was not able to move beyond the food to reach the greater need.
We had been praying on how to move it forward, and God answered as He always does.  I have been building a friendship with a woman by the name Yeni (Jenny) as I purchase freshly hand made flour tortillas each week.  Her husband Alfredo and Yeni are pastors.  He works for World Vision during the weeks and they have been working for a year planting a church in Bella Vista which is divided by one street from Pinalito.  After more praying and meeting with them, starting last week (pictured above)  we have combined the feeding outreach with their children's Bible outreach.  We knew of a few kids that overlapped the two groups, but of the 15-20 kids then had and the around 25-30 we had, we now have ourselves a full blown church of children.  The first week we had 26 kids at the Bible outreach and 40 by the time we finished giving the food out.  Yesterday we had 27 for the bible lesson 43 received the meal offered.  
Just keep praying! 
We are using a section of land right off the soccer field, a heavily used area where ever there is a field!  We have made a tent out of PVC pipes and tarps.  We are going to purchase a very large pot this week and we are working on the best way to be cooking the Kids Against Hunger rice on site.  We are praying about being able to purchase or rent a place to make things more permanent for the kids and their families as we move forward. 

Next post:  Update on the Mommy Project!

This year, everything seems to be moving so much faster compared to our first year.

Our residency paperwork is moving forward...we have a hit a small snag so we are praying for break though to bring it to completion. 

Although far from fluent, it is becoming easier to communicate in Spanish....still praying for a teacher that can help move me along much father and add formally add reading and writing.

I am also praying for another family or a couple of single people, someone or someones who know God has called them to come along side of us and serve the people of Western Honduras. 

There are several others things that are going on that I wish we could sit down with everyone that cares for us and the ministry here ...I wish I could sit down and share with you face to face....but unless you can come here to visit and see for yourself you will have to wait a little bit longer.

    So instead, here are lots of pictures to share....
We were able to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Isis on Sunday.  She has grown up so much since she was living with us.  Marcelo and Eliza saved up quite a bit during coffee season this year and put a down payment on their own piece of land!  It is currently only some tree posts and piece of metal but it is theirs and they have already made 140 adobe bricks to start building a permanent home.  Marcelito is 7 months and is quite the happy little guy with very kissable cheeks. 
Their little piece of land is located down in Pinalito, the same location where we have been having a comedor (feeding station) each Saturday.  There is no electricity or water running to the land.  They have to bring up water form the river. 
Our desire is  to be able to bless them with a mule to help them build and move things like water much easier.  The cost to purchase one here that is of good stock is around $500.  Here are several more pictures of I took this week.

Gisselle is sweet 15!  We celebrated her birthday with a party.  It was a lot of work on my end but it turned out to be a fun evening for her.  There were about 60 people who came out to celebrate with her.  She got a pink sparkly dress from our friend Amy, she had a tiara brought down my Kimmy, given by the Harding family, I prepared 150 enchiladas and Spanish rice for dinner.  I also made 71 cupcakes (I had to eat the 72nd  while making them to make sure they were ok) and a 2 layer cake. 

Here are just some family pictures to share....some Easter egg hunting, some funny hair, Annalise had decided to donate her hair to locks of love, some shelves I made for each of the kids for the fabric boxes Mema bought for them :)