I love baby bellies.  I love being around mommies who are getting excited for labor, because they want to meet their babies.  I love babies.  I was unsure what to expect as I visited the maternal house yesterday, but I had been looking forward to it for the past few weeks.  I was able to spent about an hour yesterday afternoon at the house. 

The walls are painted cheery colors and the space feels open and breezy.
They are working at growing some fruit trees out front and they had recently planted a few flowers.
The director really enjoys her job and prays constantly for the woman that use the home.
There were 26 pregnant mommies using the house yesterday.  The average is about 45 using the house a month.  The number in the past 18 months has been as high as 57 per their log book. 
These woman come down from the different mountain towns.  Most woman are there for several weeks, some as long as 2 months.  They come down so that they can receive medical care during the last weeks of pregnancy.
A local church provides a salary for the director and the cost of food for the mothers while at the house.

The mood there is not full of excitement and expectancy.  It is bordem and sadness.  A few of the woman smiled, but most just sat in chairs with no expression at all.  It was actually overwhelmingly sad for me to be there.  Even now as I type it is hard to put into words. 

They beds are well used and the sheets are torn and dirty.  There are about 24 beds...so if you are doing the numbers, most woman do have to share with other expecting woman. 
There are quite a few young moms, as young as 12.  They have left their families, towns and everything to come and wait with others, mostly strangers.

The director said I can come over anytime I want to just spend time with the moms.  She has said in the past other North Americans had passed through.  Some had even taught exercise classes :)  Any of my creative friends, I would love suggestions on what to do with the moms.   I am thinking crafts and cookies for my first time going over to hang out.

As for the gifts.  I am compiling prices fof flats and covers.  I am going to be talking with a sewing shop here in town about making the slings if I provide the rings and fabric.  I would really love all you that want to help to start compiling receiveing blankets and cloth bags that are not being used your house.  I would like these to be upcycled or made from fabric already in your homes.  I am putting together a presentation with  all the pictures and details of the project and will be releasing it next month to share.
We have heard about this mysterious little mountain village that is only 20 km for us. 
         We had heard the kids did not have clothes and the people did not have much food.
                 We had heard they need help. 
So Kevin and our friend Dany went to see.  It is 4km up a large incline from La Campa.
What they found was people living with very little.  So little there was not even trash to litter with.
This was a family the guys found.  The mother has ten kids she did say she has a husband and he was working that day.  Kevin did say there was some sort of pipe project going on as he came into the village and there were a lot of men there.  The oldest two have finished school and are living here in Gracias she shared.  The other eight are at home.  Their clothes were old and very well wore and dirty.  The youngest did not have a diaper and was just in a t-shirt. 
But mother is so talents.  You can see int he picture she makes the most amazing things out of a totally free resource, pine needles. She also teaches other woman to make them.  For a fee of L4500 ($240) and one week, a girl could learn to make them also.    The largest of the baskets bought for me, takes two days to make, the smaller ones take a whole day.  She charges L125 for small basket and L250 for the ones that take two days.  That is only $6.61 and $13.23 respectably. 
If you would like to help her business or another like hers and get some great handmade gifts please let me know.  I can send them home with my mother in law at the end of July and I plan to buy a lot to bring home at Christmas to sell on her behalf. 

I would also like to share that there is no real Gospel witness to this town.  We are willing and are seeking a way to bring the God and His Blessing to this family and their neighbors.

(I would like to state for those who care to know.  I am sharing about opportunities of ways to bless those who live in Honduras in real and specific ways.  From helping with the breakfast kitchen, sending Gisselle and Cristian to a school where they will get a great education, buying baskets or helping with the mothers gift basket project that is in development.  I know many of you love God and want to be blessings.  I am just giving ways that God might speak to you.  I know some might be annoyed by what might seem like constant request for money, but these are needs and yes money helps most things.  Please do not be annoyed simply respond to those things you believe God wants you to sew and see the fruit!)
The breakfast kitchen is officially open in 12 hours, 7am Honduras time.  I am excited and looking forward to the early mornings although I am unsure how many time a week I will be able to go.  I know Kevin is planning on going 3 times a week.  We have starting all the enrolling process for both Gisselle and Cristian to attend a local Christian Bilingual school Minerva with the next school year that will start on August 26th.  It will start with a 6 month English intensive to get them acclimated and bilingual as most classes are only taught in English. 

Kevin is starting his third week of teaching English to some local pastors and school teachers.  Having not had the chance to preach since being here in Honduras, he is really enjoying the teaching and like using his bilingual Bible to pick some great versus to use with each lesson.

As we near our 90th day, we are planning a trip to Guatemala in a little over a week to renew our visas.  We found a decent size town that has caves to explore and even a zoo.  I am not really looking forward to the drive, but excited about a few more stamps in my passport. 

Other exciting news is we will have a friend down from the states to help with all the things that are getting started around her.  Rachel bought her ticket and is working on packing for a full month long stay!  I look forward to what she will add with her stay and how God will use this time in her life. 

I leave you with a picture of my favorite flower at our house.  If anyone knows that name, I would love to know also.
It smells amazing!