We have officially submitted the last part of the paperwork and payment for our Special Residency Permit.   Now, we are just waiting for the call to go to Tegucigalpa, the capital, to pick up our ID cards.  We are expecting the process to be complete by September.

   We are now in operation under our own ministry name Ascend International Ministries, Inc.  or  AIM.  Over the next several months we will be registering this ministry with the Honduran Government and when that part is complete, we will be able to open our home for the little ones that have no home.

We are working on a website and a Facebook page that we will be launching in July.   Please send your offerings to AIM, Inc. at the same address.   If you would like to send a gift electronically, contact either Kevin or I for the information.

    We are already hard at work seeking how to best put the land to use to further God's Kingdom asap!  As soon as the issues of the paperwork side of acquiring the land are complete, Kevin has plans to get a drive cut from the public road to our property.  We are also researching how to drill a deep water well thru the rocky conditions of mountain living.  Thirdly - Power - we have to run a power line to the property.

Road to the land God has given us:                  ~$2.000
Fence around the land                                         ~$3,000
Cost of water well for unlimited clean water    ~$5,000
Bring power to the land                                      ~$10,000
Developing land for the Glory of God              Priceless

Please pray about how to partner with us!  We need the resources and the manpower to complete the work!

So....where to start.   First, I will explain the above picture.   It is the view from our land....yes, OUR land!   Our God is amazing and answered one of our earnest prayers that we have been praying for since we knew about the things He was speaking to us in His plans.  Our ministry was given about 4 1/2 acres of land with the specific blessing to use it for however it will help the ministry.   We have been researching about digging water wells, bring power to the property, planting fruit bearing trees, and most importantly getting a road to the land.   We would love for you to partner with us to see the vision of the child rescue center be built on the land....please pray, please give, please come and sweat with us.  We are so excited about how God is moving and we are just ready to be receiving the little ones into our home.

Here are some recent pictures of the children's outreach and feeding station in Pinalito.   Following are some pictures of our car port filling back up with the Kids Against Hunger boxes.