Ok, here is what I started with.  Corn, beans, cheese and not black but ripe Platanos (for my American friends, plantains). 

So cooking mostly from scratch, I simplify on beans for time with 4 small kids.

I fried the platanos in mantequlla (butter) with garlic and salt them while cooking. 

I put the beans and the cheese in the pupusa and attempt to keep them for oozing out.

I have decided the hardest part is getting the right consistency of the corn to water for the dough.

I made a large mess and they turned out very gordo (fat) instead of thin like they Honduras make them.  They were ok, no one starved.

It definitely helped have the fresh tomatoes, onion and cilantro on top.

The platanos were good, they would have been excellent with chocolate drizzled on top (assuming I did not cook with the garlic)

5/22/2011 10:46:55 am

Yep, I really cannot get it right when it comes to tortillas! Glad to see I'm not the only one ;) As for the Platanos, I love those! Mmmmm.....


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