Kitchen counters in, sealed and waxed, check. 
Wall painted BLUE, check,
Pipes bought, sprayed black for shelves, check.
Black and white checkered curtains made with love and included in the shipment to hide all the stuff in the lower spaces, check!
Next is to buy three 11 foot long planks of wood, treat, stain and install wall shelves!
I am excited to be able to use my counter tops and to be cooking in my kitchen.  A big shout out of thanks to my husband for all his hard work, to Marcelo for helping a ton with the counter tops, and to Kristen, Alex and Sydney for helping get the painting done in record time.

Kevin and Marcelo have been working hard as a 2 man team to do what a 4 or 5 man team should be doing.  We have tried to hire on other hands, but most men are still out picking coffee or have just returned with pockets of cash and are not looking for more work yet.  It has been very frustrating.   Add that to the fact this is the 3 time preparing for a fence as the property line was changed 2 times since we moved in November 1st and the fact than even though it is in the contract, the owner did not provide all the materials for the fence and kitchen as agreed upon.  We have been working out our plans for the work God has for us with every spare dollar and moment we can find.  God is faithful, and there has been progress on the kitchen and the fence. 

Unfortunately we have lost our vehicle during the process as well.   I am praying for a vehicle or the money to buy one as we need one for the work here.   I know our God is a Big God and our small challenges here are worth every effort to be able to have our home be a home to many more kids who need love.  We push though and look forward to the smile and hugs and the lives that will be changed for the Glory of God. 

Please if you read our blog, we would love to hear from you.  We often see more than 100 unique hits on the days I post new blogs and I would love to hear from you.  Let us know if you are praying for us, are encouraged by the work, are motivated to seek God's plans for your life, would love to come down and help, would like to support the work down here and just to say hi!

Lisa J.
3/8/2013 11:08:11 am

Pretty blue walls!!! Miss you all! But love hearing how God is working through you and your family.

Amber Deeds
3/8/2013 12:20:54 pm

It was great to talk with you tonight even though it was short! Your kitchen and property look so nice---lots of work!! I'm sorry to hear about the roadblocks. I pray the obstacles are removed and provisions flow freely. 5 years ago we lived together and now we are Central American neighbors...... :) (with lots of adventures in between--a lot has happened these last few years!)

10/19/2013 07:48:11 am

Hello mate, great blog.


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