Life has been moving rapidly along, going as fast as ever -minus- decent access to internet.  So now I am going to take this opportunity and try to fill you in on the past two months about what God has been doing with our family.

In the first part of August, we said adios to Ma (Kevin's mom from Kansas) after she spent three weeks here, and we immediately started packing up everything in order to move our household into a studio apartment and then  depart for Intibuca, Honduras (the next state over).  We stayed approx. 4 weeks in El Obispo, Yamaranguilla, Intibuca at a girls ranch helping out where we could.

It was a great experience to get to know the 34 girls living there and observe how their lives have changed for the better.   I have to admit it was crazy and tiring.  And the staff seem to lead tireless and determined lives 24/7.  But, I was able to start picturing our near future and that is totally exciting!

During our time at the ranch, we finally received the call that it was time to make the long trip to the capital to complete our Residency progress.  Praise God!  The trip went well and we were only in the government building 2 hours for all 6 of us.  That has to be a new record for accomplishing anything here!  Of course, we still have to wait for the actual ID cards to be ready (but that seems like the easy part).  No more need to leave the country or have the hassles of renewing our Visas every 90 days.

We also have the blessing of having Naomi Rider here.  Naomi came down from her home in upstate New York to hang with our family for 3 months.  She contacted us thru a ministry called Missionary Nannies and has taken off a semester from college to come be a blessing to our family.  The kids welcomed her immediately.  :-)

We decided that with Naomi arriving it was a great time to head to the beach for some family time and to get to know one another.  As many of you know, 4 of the 6 of us have birthdays in September.  So, we we able to rent a small, finished apartment right on the beach for 1 month at the same cost as a hotel for 1 week.  Guess what we picked?  Kevin also spent a little time at another ministry that has 19 children where the oldest is just 8.  And we spent quality time with another missionary family that is called by God to start a child rescue center in Copan (the next department NW from Lempira).  It was great getting to know them and hear what God is impressing upon them to do and share the same about our family with them.  We will be neighbors after all!  It was encouraging.

 While on the coast, we visited a brand new church plant.  Many of you who know us well have met us in different parts of the USA while church planting.  We can attest first hand to how much work goes into the process and the hours that you must bathe the work in prayer.  The young pastor, Jeronimo, is totally doing it right by just loving on all the people in the area.  Even before the 'church meetings' ever started, Jeronimo spent time literally walking around the village of El Cacao, going house to house, hut to hut, meeting each family and individual....getting to know them and talking with them about the love of God.  If they did not have a church home, they were encouraged then to meet together with he and his wife.  They also started a feeding kitchen for the children in the area 2x per week.  On our 1st week visiting, there had to be at least 60 kids and some 35 adults and the numbers we simply increasing from week to week.  We truly enjoyed being able to worship with them.  We thank God for their lives and dedication to the Lord

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