So....where to start.   First, I will explain the above picture.   It is the view from our land....yes, OUR land!   Our God is amazing and answered one of our earnest prayers that we have been praying for since we knew about the things He was speaking to us in His plans.  Our ministry was given about 4 1/2 acres of land with the specific blessing to use it for however it will help the ministry.   We have been researching about digging water wells, bring power to the property, planting fruit bearing trees, and most importantly getting a road to the land.   We would love for you to partner with us to see the vision of the child rescue center be built on the land....please pray, please give, please come and sweat with us.  We are so excited about how God is moving and we are just ready to be receiving the little ones into our home.

Here are some recent pictures of the children's outreach and feeding station in Pinalito.   Following are some pictures of our car port filling back up with the Kids Against Hunger boxes.

So much so I did not have the time to take pictures once the kids arrived.
Ok...backing you all know we have been hosting a feeding station in Pinalito since February each Saturday at 11 am.  We had found a family that was willing to let us use their home to cook and serve the food.  It was working ok as a feeding station as the need for the food was definite, but it was not able to move beyond the food to reach the greater need.
We had been praying on how to move it forward, and God answered as He always does.  I have been building a friendship with a woman by the name Yeni (Jenny) as I purchase freshly hand made flour tortillas each week.  Her husband Alfredo and Yeni are pastors.  He works for World Vision during the weeks and they have been working for a year planting a church in Bella Vista which is divided by one street from Pinalito.  After more praying and meeting with them, starting last week (pictured above)  we have combined the feeding outreach with their children's Bible outreach.  We knew of a few kids that overlapped the two groups, but of the 15-20 kids then had and the around 25-30 we had, we now have ourselves a full blown church of children.  The first week we had 26 kids at the Bible outreach and 40 by the time we finished giving the food out.  Yesterday we had 27 for the bible lesson 43 received the meal offered.  
Just keep praying! 
We are using a section of land right off the soccer field, a heavily used area where ever there is a field!  We have made a tent out of PVC pipes and tarps.  We are going to purchase a very large pot this week and we are working on the best way to be cooking the Kids Against Hunger rice on site.  We are praying about being able to purchase or rent a place to make things more permanent for the kids and their families as we move forward. 

Next post:  Update on the Mommy Project!

  Yesterday was a National holiday here in Honduras called Día del Niño...aka "Children's Day".  We celebrated the day by providing meals to feed the children who live just outside of Gracias in an area known as Bella Vista.
   Some of you that were able to see pictures and hear of Kevin's trip to Honduras in January might remember about a toy distribution to kids that had never had toys before.  You might also remember the person who was instrumental in seeing that this was completed for the kids was a woman by the name of Nurse Beatty.  Well, by divine intervention, we were able to reconnect with Nurse Beatty about two weeks ago when we took Isis and Eliza to Clinica San Lucas for medical care.  Beatty was excited to see Kevin and immediately the wheels in her head were moving.  During the three days that we were at the clinic she asked Kevin into her office to talk.  She again shared about the children in the barrio(neighborhood) just next to hers where there is much lack and poverty.  She wanted to have a celebration party for Dia del Niño just for them.  She asked if we would help.  After reading the first line, you already know what our answer was!  We were able to provide the food; Beatty provided her home, as well as drinks and a goody bag for each child.  We also were able to have 10 of the teachers from Minerva School who wanted to lend a hand.  They were a great blessing and a big help to everything going smoothly and fun for the kids!  They spent the morning talking with the kids, playing games and even teaching a little lesson on English along with chopping vegetables, pulling chicken and cooking outside over fire.
   The day was a great success and about 50 kids were there for the food - although we saw about 80 kids during the time we were there. The best part is starting in October: 2 times per week, we will be there serving meals to the kids.  Thanks to Kids Against Hunger and Alan & Trish Sowers for providing the vitamin-packed rice, Beatty for graciously offering her home and the teachers who are willing to help.  We look forward to things changing physically and spiritually for this Barrio to the Glory of God.
  Also, Isis is doing wonderfully and so is her mom Eliza.  We also found out we will have a little boy in our house around October 1st!

Beatty leads the nurses at Clinica San Lucas in Gracias, Lempira.....the only place in Lempira that I'll trust the medical care! Beatty and her husband have huge hearts for their people.
We have heard about this mysterious little mountain village that is only 20 km for us. 
         We had heard the kids did not have clothes and the people did not have much food.
                 We had heard they need help. 
So Kevin and our friend Dany went to see.  It is 4km up a large incline from La Campa.
What they found was people living with very little.  So little there was not even trash to litter with.
This was a family the guys found.  The mother has ten kids she did say she has a husband and he was working that day.  Kevin did say there was some sort of pipe project going on as he came into the village and there were a lot of men there.  The oldest two have finished school and are living here in Gracias she shared.  The other eight are at home.  Their clothes were old and very well wore and dirty.  The youngest did not have a diaper and was just in a t-shirt. 
But mother is so talents.  You can see int he picture she makes the most amazing things out of a totally free resource, pine needles. She also teaches other woman to make them.  For a fee of L4500 ($240) and one week, a girl could learn to make them also.    The largest of the baskets bought for me, takes two days to make, the smaller ones take a whole day.  She charges L125 for small basket and L250 for the ones that take two days.  That is only $6.61 and $13.23 respectably. 
If you would like to help her business or another like hers and get some great handmade gifts please let me know.  I can send them home with my mother in law at the end of July and I plan to buy a lot to bring home at Christmas to sell on her behalf. 

I would also like to share that there is no real Gospel witness to this town.  We are willing and are seeking a way to bring the God and His Blessing to this family and their neighbors.

(I would like to state for those who care to know.  I am sharing about opportunities of ways to bless those who live in Honduras in real and specific ways.  From helping with the breakfast kitchen, sending Gisselle and Cristian to a school where they will get a great education, buying baskets or helping with the mothers gift basket project that is in development.  I know many of you love God and want to be blessings.  I am just giving ways that God might speak to you.  I know some might be annoyed by what might seem like constant request for money, but these are needs and yes money helps most things.  Please do not be annoyed simply respond to those things you believe God wants you to sew and see the fruit!)