• One big change for me is my Abby is 6 and she now has her ears pierced!  She loves wearing sparkly earrings and this picture was my attempt at a rainbow Hello Kitty cake she requested.  She is growing up so fast.  She has been enjoying dancing and drawing and she is pestering me about starting school...she is ready.  

We also had a big change in our house with Gisselle moving out.  Shortly after turning 15 she decided she was ready to go off on her own and find work.  The hardest part was she did it quickly and without warning.  We have reason to believe she found work about an hour from here working for a teacher but she has not contacted us and her friends are keeping quiet . 
   We have also moved Doris and Cristhan into a new apartment in town.  They are getting settled in this week as we finished moving their belonging yesterday.  They have more privacy with the pila (washing sink), Hornilla (outdoor wood burning stove), and their clotheslines behind a wall.  Doris seems to really like it and was excited to have more neighbors close by for socializing. 

Ok, so we have been in our house since April 7th of last year, almost a record for us, and an easy 2nd place at least.  So this next change should not surprise many of you that know us well.
  We are moving....we have the amazing opportunity to help out at a girls ranch for the next 10 weeks or so.  They currently have 36 girls ranging form 8 months to 19 years old. 
  We are packing all our belongings into a small apartment as I type this and we will head over this Wednesday to  El Obispo, Yamaranguila, Intibuca.  It is 43 miles from Gracias and the trip take under 2 hours. 

We had the opportunity as few week back to visit a home where a couple has had the amazing blessing to enlarger their family by 24 Honduras children.  The few short hours we spent with this family has changed the way I see the small and mundane things in life.
While washing dishes or hanging laundry, I find myself thinking what it will be like to have more little plates and cups to wash and of all the  t-shirts and socks that will fill the clotheslines to the max.  I find myself almost giddy at the thought of more work and less sleep, knowing that this is the good and perfect will of God. 
We have all the paperwork in process to obtain Special Permanent Residency.  This allows us to not have to leave the country every 90 days to renew our tourist visas, it also leads us to the next step in the process.  We will be resistering our organization in Honduras.  We are praying for a quick and timely approval of both of these items.  We are praying because once approved, we can begin to enlarge our family as well. 
The way as I understand it, once the children are removed from their current situations, all legal ties are cut from the family, they will be placed in places like our home.  At that time, the child will be signed into the custody of Kevin and I personally.  We will have all the responsibility of providing and caring for the child until they are of a legal age.  It is sadly very rare that a child is ever able to be placed back with their birth family.  
Please keep praying for our family. 
God is answering needs before we even know to ask for them.  We already have 10 tubs of new and gently used childrens clothes that have been given to us.  We know that as children are placed, they will most likely have only the clothes they are wearing when they arrive. 
With the increase in legal costs and the costs we are anticipating in the near future, we are looking to increase those of you who support us financially on a monthly basis.  If you are currently supporting us monthly, you need to know how much of a blessing it is to the work here.  If you are considering supporting us, please pray that now is the time to partner up with this work.  Please contact Kevin or I on how God is directing you to participate. 

If you want to plan to come down and help, we would love to talk about coming!