We have heard about this mysterious little mountain village that is only 20 km for us. 
         We had heard the kids did not have clothes and the people did not have much food.
                 We had heard they need help. 
So Kevin and our friend Dany went to see.  It is 4km up a large incline from La Campa.
What they found was people living with very little.  So little there was not even trash to litter with.
This was a family the guys found.  The mother has ten kids she did say she has a husband and he was working that day.  Kevin did say there was some sort of pipe project going on as he came into the village and there were a lot of men there.  The oldest two have finished school and are living here in Gracias she shared.  The other eight are at home.  Their clothes were old and very well wore and dirty.  The youngest did not have a diaper and was just in a t-shirt. 
But mother is so talents.  You can see int he picture she makes the most amazing things out of a totally free resource, pine needles. She also teaches other woman to make them.  For a fee of L4500 ($240) and one week, a girl could learn to make them also.    The largest of the baskets bought for me, takes two days to make, the smaller ones take a whole day.  She charges L125 for small basket and L250 for the ones that take two days.  That is only $6.61 and $13.23 respectably. 
If you would like to help her business or another like hers and get some great handmade gifts please let me know.  I can send them home with my mother in law at the end of July and I plan to buy a lot to bring home at Christmas to sell on her behalf. 

I would also like to share that there is no real Gospel witness to this town.  We are willing and are seeking a way to bring the God and His Blessing to this family and their neighbors.

(I would like to state for those who care to know.  I am sharing about opportunities of ways to bless those who live in Honduras in real and specific ways.  From helping with the breakfast kitchen, sending Gisselle and Cristian to a school where they will get a great education, buying baskets or helping with the mothers gift basket project that is in development.  I know many of you love God and want to be blessings.  I am just giving ways that God might speak to you.  I know some might be annoyed by what might seem like constant request for money, but these are needs and yes money helps most things.  Please do not be annoyed simply respond to those things you believe God wants you to sew and see the fruit!)
11/1/2011 05:04:13 pm

I would love to buy one of the taller skinner baskets if you are still planning on bringing some back around Christmas. We will be in Derby sometime around then.


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