My kitchen is complete!  Well I am going to hang a rack for my pans to hang on, but that is a small thing.

I really like having all my items in the kitchen and not spread out over different rooms based on how often I use them, and not sitting in tubs.

We have a gate and half the barbed wire is up and the other half is being worked on as I type this blog.  It should be done in the next few weeks.  15 lines of barbed wire being strung about 1,000 ft takes time.

This picture is taken looking out from the property.  Can you see how dry it is?  We had our first rain in forever the other day, ready for rainy season to start and our garden to explode with produce.  We are seeing life and the seeds are sprouting, we have sweet corn, pumpkins, green beans, carrots and cucumbers starts already at the end of the first week.

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