It has been almost a year since the last time we served breakfast in Colonia Progreso here in Gracias, but we are still fruit of the relationships we made with those kids.  Whenever we are in town it is most common to hear boys yelling "KEVIN!" as we walk or drive around. 

In the past several weeks, we have had the pleasure of several of the older girls coming by our house and the visits are getting more frequent.  They act quite shy but they come and sit on our porch and just spend time for a hour or more at a time.  Janet just turned 17 with her daughter Helen now 6 months, Myra is 16, Chelly is 15, and Delmy who is 12. 

We invited them over the other night to introduce them to s'mores.  It was a little mess but was enjoyed by all..

Also pictured is Paquita, the young girl who lives with us and help me with the household chores and Kelsey who has joined us thought the beginning of July via the mission minded agency www.missionnannys.org.  She going to be working with our kids on several skills; writing, spelling and Spanish as well as going through the parables of Jesus.  They kids love them both and they are enjoying the extra attention.

We also have the privilege of having Johanna, a young Honduran woman, join us this month to help with the planning, preparing and planting of several garden areas to add to house hold and the number of people grows this year.    Johanna graduated with a BA in agriculture here in Honduras and was able to spend 18 months finishing the degree at the North Carolina State.

Johanna is seen here with Abby on her lap and Paquita has Jaelle.

Here is the work we have been putting in this month.

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