First I want to say we had a wonderful trip Kansas but it seems as if it were a dream.   The bonus is I have things like chocolate chips and maple syrup in my cabinets and an amazing amount of gifts to start the Mommy Project.  My goal for this year is to have a gift for 300 mothers.  Here is an update of where everything is at as the year gets started.  The items that were donated are all packed up and will be shipping down the first week of February to arrive the first part of March.   THANK YOU to all the friends who helped, I look forward to getting the gifts together to bless the first mommies!
  • 300 soft and cuddly stuffed animal that will have a new loving child to hold them
  • 169 blankets and another 60 or so that have been made and are being sent to Kansas.  That leaves only 71 more that are needed for the year
  • I already have 501 hand knitted hats here in Honduras
  • I have starter sets of cloth diapers for 7 babies.  The cost to purchase the diapers for one baby is $10 for 12 flats and 2 sets of pins.   I have had donation to buy enough for 18 more babies for a total of 25
  • I have had the rings for the slings donated and I have bought the fabric for the first 8.  I am going to have 4 different woman each made 2 this week to find someone I can work with long term to have the 300 made this year.  The project cost for each sling is $12 each for fabric and labor.  I have received donation for cover the first 25 slings.

We also had an awesome response from The Rock of KC youth group to our request for teen girl clothes to bless Gisselle and Mirian as well as serveral other girls here who needed the clothing.  We brought the clothes down for Mirian and Gisselle in our luggage....they both had no words, only huge smilies as the opened package upon package of clothes....these girls could not believe the amount of clothes they received and felt they were good for the whole year in one day!  We still have several boxes in the shipment coming down to we can continue to bless several other girls. 

We are still in need of some funding to cover the shipping all the great donated goods for the Mommy project, the teen girl clothes and other donated goods for the work here in Honduras.

Sorry I have no pictures to post today...our camera is several hours away, I left it behind at a friend's house and it is really hard to be without it!  I promise to post as soon at I get it back :)

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