I want to make gift bags for the new mommas that live in the mountain towns!!
I have set a goal to get 300 mommas gift bags in 2012. 
I had this idea even before moving here, but this week Kevin had the opportunity to visit a place here in Gracias.  It is a house that is owned by the current mayor, has security provided by the hospital and the food provided by a local church.
It is a home where a new mommas to be comes to wait to go into labor.
Can you imagine, having a baby, leaving all your family to come to a house for a week or 2 or 3 and to wait to go into labor. 
I cannot. 
I want to go and be an encouragement and a gift giver!  I want to go and share about cloth diapering and breastfeeding and baby wearing.  Because I know the blessing all of them have been in my journey of motherhood.  I want to be a blessing to them.

Here is what I want in them:
1) 12 flat cloth diapers, 2 covers, 6 pins  -flats and pins are cheap here and will save on shipping .  Trash is a huge thing in Honduras anyway, but the cost of sposies compounded with seeing dirty diapers just thrown anywhere puts this at the top of my list.  Covers are not common here, I see mommas with just a flat pinned on the babies.  During the day that is great, but I can only imagine at this point that at night they use sposies or have to change quite a few diapers especially the first few months.  I am thinking Flips or Econobums due to fact they are one size. 
2)  1 baby blanket (handmade or upcycled)
3)  1 Sling- handmade or upcycled, preferably ring slings because they are easy and adjustable but really any safe well made baby carrier will be a blessing.  Mommas take their babies everywhere and I have received a TON of response to my ring sling while walking around.  I also want a "how to use safely fact card" in Spanish to go with the carrier.
4)  Cloth bag to put the gifts in that can be used for whatever then need.  I was thinking if they matched the blankets if they are being hand made it would look really nice when the gift is given.  One because they are useful for some many things and second back to the issue of trash.  There are plastic bags everywhere!
5)  An encouraging note about breastfeeding in Spanish, will look at LLL I am sure they have something!
6)  Last but not least, a blessing and a prayer in Spanish, encouraging to a new mom about the new part of life and about seeking God for all things.

Why 2012?  Well shipping is an issue.  We will be back the end of the year for about 2 weeks and can pick up some items.  We also have had an offer extended to us to use part of a large shipping container that will be coming down around December.  I want to start strong and take at least the first 300 mommas.

I am going to be sending out emails for just about everywhere I can think of to see what kind of response I can get. 
Please let me know if you are willing to help make things, raise money or donate items.

5/10/2011 10:11:23 pm

Mel! I would to help!

5/16/2011 10:31:50 pm

A wonderful idea. I would like to help. Let me know how. Maybe you could talk to Kathy and have a donation spot for these items at the office. I would organize that if she likes that idea.

6/13/2011 07:57:33 am

I love this idea and want to help.
this is a site I found with a pattern for a sling. Is this what you were thinking? Is your sling lined? one of the patterns I saw the sling was lined. What type of fabric and how big for the bags? more later...

10/8/2013 02:15:20 am

Great blog, love the template.


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