So much so I did not have the time to take pictures once the kids arrived.
Ok...backing up...as you all know we have been hosting a feeding station in Pinalito since February each Saturday at 11 am.  We had found a family that was willing to let us use their home to cook and serve the food.  It was working ok as a feeding station as the need for the food was definite, but it was not able to move beyond the food to reach the greater need.
We had been praying on how to move it forward, and God answered as He always does.  I have been building a friendship with a woman by the name Yeni (Jenny) as I purchase freshly hand made flour tortillas each week.  Her husband Alfredo and Yeni are pastors.  He works for World Vision during the weeks and they have been working for a year planting a church in Bella Vista which is divided by one street from Pinalito.  After more praying and meeting with them, starting last week (pictured above)  we have combined the feeding outreach with their children's Bible outreach.  We knew of a few kids that overlapped the two groups, but of the 15-20 kids then had and the around 25-30 we had, we now have ourselves a full blown church of children.  The first week we had 26 kids at the Bible outreach and 40 by the time we finished giving the food out.  Yesterday we had 27 for the bible lesson 43 received the meal offered.  
Just keep praying! 
We are using a section of land right off the soccer field, a heavily used area where ever there is a field!  We have made a tent out of PVC pipes and tarps.  We are going to purchase a very large pot this week and we are working on the best way to be cooking the Kids Against Hunger rice on site.  We are praying about being able to purchase or rent a place to make things more permanent for the kids and their families as we move forward. 

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