There were about 200 women who came.  There was entertainment and lots of laughing.  The food was plentiful, a plate of chicken, rice, potatoes and vegetables all smothered in mayo, I think.  I happened to sit at the table furthest away from where the food was served; so, combined with the fact that I do not know enough Spanish yet to follow everything that was being said, I did a lot of people watching.

One thing kinda surprised me.  The women would eat some of their dinner and no kidding I could easily see 20 women from where I was pull out a plastic bag from their pockets or purses and then dump the rest in to take home.

Gracias is a really wonderful city and it is located in a beautiful place, but it still is a very poor area in a very poor country.  The portion size was what we are used to in the states, way too much for one meal.  

And nothing was going to go in the trash, it was all going to be eaten. 

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