I had the amazing opportunity to be introduced to the children of Nueva Esperanza, translated it means New Hope.  I could not count the kids but there are more than 50, maybe around 75, that call it home.  For the kids placed there that are already walking and talking, they seem to be doing well with the amazing volunteers that come in to teach classes and love them.  I watched them in class intent on the activities going on and later they all had puzzles they were working on.  The walls are painted bright colors and there is a large outdoor play area for them.  There are swings, slides, and space to run. 
For the ones with out voices, the ones who can not  speak, it is a different life.  Walking in to the toddler and baby room that is shared by those who have physical handicaps that keep them from the rest, it is absolutely heart tearing.  They spend their days in their crib, they have their bottles propped up by a blanket.  Kids that should be learning to sit up and crawl and explore, sit and wait for interaction when they need a fresh diaper.  My new friend Tara pictured below has made it her ministry to them.  She goes and loves on them and has brought in bouncers and a exersaucer and toys.  She has hired a women to work in the baby room.  One woman and one staff for about 20 little ones.  I can not imagine how hard it is just to keep up with diapers and feeding.   Tara, another friend Sara that I brought along with me from Gracias, and I each grabbed a little one and headed outside.  They all have a purpose and are known by God.  I just pray for clear direction on which ones journey in this world will cross into our home for a time.
And there is this little guy.  Look at his smile!  I am not sure about taking on this challenge but he needs a home, a real home.  He has been in his crib his whole life and still only drinks formula from a bottle.  He has not learned to sit up, crawl, walk or even talk.  He turns 4 on May 17th.  Please pray for a forever home for him, one with loving people who will see that he thrives and lives up to his full potential. 

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