First of all for those who missed the announcement, in the early morning hours of September 22, Marcel Yaffet joined our household weighing in at around 6lbs.  Eliza and baby are doing well and Isis loves her new little brother.  He is a sweet baby and is pretty easy going so far.  We hear him very little but I love peeking at him while he sleeps.  The kids all want to hold him but momma is quite ready for that, she has let Kevin and I hold him.

Ah...Siguatepeque, how I longed to miss you.  We had planned a trip that was to last 3 days to a missionary conference geared at connecting and encouraging missionaries serving all over the country.  We enjoyed the fellowship and meeting with others who have a heart to see God move among the people here.  Until....our car stopped running.  We ended up in Siguatepeque for an additional 7nights.  Good news is our car is fixed and running great and was able to drive us home.  Best news is we made some new friends and the kids has a great time playing with their new friends.  Thanks again to Michelle and Mark Fittz, Tim and Julie Nelson, Trish and Jon Olvera, All of the Hoff family, Kathee and Tim Hagler, Christi and Bryan Weihoff.  Plus all the additional friends we made that I am forgetting to mention...you made our time stranded a time of joy, fellowship, food and plenty of beds to sleep in!

I have another shout out this post , to my new friend Dustin with Dell out of Nashville....for bringing the 2 month dead by Blue Screen laptop back to full operational life for which I am able to write this blog and get beck to full homeschooling mode with Annalise and Abigail on Monday. 

9/26/2012 10:23:42 pm

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