Doris and her children Christian and Gizelle! We are excited to have them all moved in. 

Kevin was first introduced to Doris on his trip in January.  She and her family were living in a casa plastico = a place in an alley behind some businesses where they put up plastic tarps and some sheet metal. 

Kevin was able to find them again a few weeks back and we have spent some time with them over the days following, earning their trust and was able to get them moved into a new fresh start.

They are living in the apartment where all the fruit trees are located. 

Christian is 9 years old.  He loves futball and playing with his friends.  He is active and seems to not let the things of life get in the way of just enjoying being a kid (more on that in a future post).

Gizelle has just turned 14.  She has finished escuela basic and is ready to move on to Collegio in June.

Doris is full of the joy of the Lord and is thankful for this new start for her family.

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