It must be snake breading season in Honduras because we are spotting quite a few out and about in the daylight as if they were meant to be that way.   Abby found and Kevin killed a snake he called a coral snake a few weeks back.  During all the fun and commotion I did not get a picture.  Part of me was hoping it was not a coral snake but in fact a milk snake and thus harmless.  Well I was not able to live in denial any longer as of yesterday afternoon.  Our sweet Abby once again noticed a snake.... on our porch this time.  Red touching black is a friend of Jack, Red touching yellow can kill a fellow.  Well you can check the pictures out for confirmation.  We have no doubts of God's protection over our lives, but he could not stay.  Our friend Shannon came over with a syringe and a plan that included his high school science class that have a reptile unit coming up.  Once he was no longer moving, Kevin put him a milk jug. 

On anther more un-dangerous note....when visting Doña Desideria's pottery school and store in La Campa, we found these great light covers for the wall.  We liked them so much we asked for hanging lights that matched.  They came in few weeks ago and Kevin has hung them.  They are really beautiful.  Next up some seating areas or maybe one of these 
We have been working inside the house as well.  I have been without a kitchen for almost 2 weeks now. 
First are the before pictures, next are the current pictures of the concrete curing (I have cleaned the floor and removed the tape) and hoping to have finished pictures really soon!

I have been also working on organizing the house in preparation for adding more little people.  First is a before shot of our home school, reading, and craft area and the next 2 are after shots.
Kevin is putting posts in the ground for our fence as I type this, I will get pictures soon as more go into the ground over the next week.  Please continue to pray for the ministry here.  As we feel the time is here and the ministry is growing and moving, we are encountering many obstacles.  Some are just plain frustrating, like the owner who offered and added to our contract that he would provide the materials for the fence and the kitchen, didn't.  This has been a huge expense we were not planning for but these are needs so we must move forward.  So far the materials are almost $1,000 for these projects.  That might not sound like a lot for a kitchen and a fence but we are doing most of the labor and each dollar here must do the work of $5.  Kevin is also traveling more and I have not been able to find a young girl to hire on to help and provide an extra set of hands.  We know God has someone in mind, we are praying for that person as I really need to help.   We also are in need to translate and file our ministry's paperwork to be a ministry recognized in Honduras.  For a mere $3000 or so.  If you are a part of this ministry prayerfully and financially, you are be an answer to my prayers. 

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