We looked at a few other places around town to see if there was something else.  At first we were not sure we would move but when the divine appointment with this house came, we knew this is where God wanted us to be.  This house, in terms of cost, is very little different than the duplex, but in terms of ministry opportunites we are not sure that the value can be measured yet.

The house is about 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  There are 2 separate apartment type locations within the house - one in the side yard and one upstairs.  We have a yard area that we are working on.  It is great for the kids and we have fruit trees!  We have several banana trees, 2 avacado trees, 2 papaya trees, a coconut tree and a large mango tree.   I am working 2 little garden areas and have planted spinach, tomatoes, beans and basil.  I am curious to see if I can make anything grow here.

Below is a video of my oldest talking you thru a tour of our house.  Please take a moment and see where God has taken us and pray with us as we use this blessing for His Kingdom.


4/30/2011 03:08:29 am

I enjoyed the tour! Tell your daughter she did a great job. Nice house. You have no shortage of pilas, do you? ;-)

Save some seeds from the papayas. They are easy to plant and grow more.

Sorry about the blank comment. I'm trying to get used to my brand new laptop!

4/30/2011 10:55:41 am

I also enjoyed the tour. I look forward to many future blogs. One suggestion if it is possible for you is for the pictures to pop up full size if you click on them. I can imagine in the future blogs you will have all sorts of interesting pictures to share and if they popped up full size it would be easier for readers to see them.

4/30/2011 02:07:31 pm


So good to see you all made it safe and sound. Nice tour of the house, it was a lot different than I pictured in my mind. I want you to know that I have been thinking about, and praying for you all. Tell Kevin to make sure and email me to keep in touch :)


The Johnsons
5/1/2011 05:23:04 am


Thanks for sharing!!!! We enjoyed the post and seeing your new home. I have been trying to envision what Honduras living is like for you all and the video helped! Annalise did such a great job and I loved seeing Jaelle's sweet smile at the end the post. We are thinking about you guys and praying for you.
Oh, and I am totally jealous of your fruit trees!!! Especially the avocado tree, wonder if I could plant one in Kansas?
We need to get a camera so we can skype soon!

Brian, Lisa, Colton and Olivia

5/8/2011 09:11:47 am

Well, Mongolia and Honduras are about as opposite as you can get! The weather...(we had snow coming down two days ago!) and oh, wow...the fresh fruit! How absolutely wonderful! Our fruit is from China and has kind of an "off" flavor...but we'll soon be visiting our home in the U.S., enjoying some favorite fruits! May you have many awesome opportunities where you have been planted!

Beverly DiMaggio
5/10/2011 03:17:24 am

I enjoyed the video of your home. I just love it!! Keep those posts coming. Enjoying reading how God is using your family to minister to others. Blessings!

5/22/2011 10:54:34 am

Wow, I loved your video tour of the home! I noticed the Blue toilets & I had to laugh since I found out our house in Honduras has a Blue toilet & sink too! Keep up the great work & God Bless your family!

10/15/2013 01:08:36 pm

Found this blog from Weebly's index, nice!


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