Please watch!

I also need a contact a person who is willing to receive future donations in either the Dallas or the Houston area.  The shipping company has offices in those two cities.  The cost to ship them is a $1 a pound to my doorstep!  This find has been a huge help in the planning of making this project come to life.

I am so excited as many of you have already sent things to my mother-in-law's house after I shared my vision. 

The knit hats were a total unexpected blessing and bonus to the project.  I have wanted to just walk around and pass them out to every baby I see, they are just so cute!

I also added a stuffed animal to the gifts.  They are just not available here and every child should have a baby to cuddle.  I am really thinking that a beanie baby is the perfect size.  And I know some of  you have hundreds stuffed in boxes in closets and attics.  But really any baby friendly clean and cuddly stuffed animal or dolls would be a wonderful gift.

Melissa Courter
11/1/2011 05:05:38 pm

If I can collect some stuffed animals and bring them to KS, would you be able to get them back?


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