It is really hard to believe that 8 months and 2 visa renewal trips are complete and we are one month away from a 3 week trip to the US.  Maybe in part due to the fact  that is it still 70 to 75 each day and I have not changed into a fall/winter wardrobe with the exception of a sweatshirt some mornings.  The Breakfast Kitchen has been in operation since June 13 open 112 out of 115 Mondays - Fridays since.  The kids look so much healthier and they just love Kevin.  It is great to see their huge smiles when ever we see the kids around town. 

The first feeding station is set to open this weekend in El Pinalito after much pushing, praying and planning.  This is the area where we celebrated Children's Day in October.  It is the neighborhood that is next the trash dump of Gracias.  I am very thankful that the time is now. This is also the area Kevin was taken to in January and was able to see the need and by following God, we can now be part of the solution, an answer to a deep prayer of ours.  Please pray for the children and thier families be open to food and our friendship and most of all to Jesus Christ.

This next week Kevin and Dany will be traveling to Cruz Alta to find out how many children are that area, it is the next location we feel God is leading to help.  This is the location were the ladies weave baskets and other items out of pine needles.  I will purchase as many as I can to bring to the states to sell to bless ladies and help add to them. 

UPDATE ON THE MOMMY PROJECT:  I have had a great response from several of you willing to collect baby blankets, stuffed animals, cloth diapers and cash!  I have been so moved that so many want to help!  If you still want to help, it is needed.  My goal for 2012 is to have gifts for 300 mothers.  I have also found a group of  5 women here in Honduras with large weaving looms, but with a rural location similar to Cruz Alta, they do not have many outlets for selling their wares.  I am going to try to reach them before Christmas to find out about having them weave the fabric for the slings.  I have seen a sample scarf and it was just perfect!  Please pray for an open door to bless and minister to these woman over the next year. 

If you have not seen it, here is a short picture presentation on the Mommy Project

(Photo stolen from a friend Sarah Dockery who went and met the ladies this past fall)

Sue Hunt
11/28/2011 10:39:10 am

Melissa, Just wanted you to know that I will be showing the slides for your Mommy Project tomorrow at the Bible study I lead at First Christian Church in Derby. We are finishing a Christmas study tomorrow and I plan to suggest that we support this project thru December. I imagine that we will take donations and money gifts as well. I am praying that we can be a blessing to the many babies that you will be helping in the coming year. Lisa Johnson is also in our group so you probably have already heard from her. I will let you know how things are coming along. You can let us know how to get the donations to you and / or the money. Blessings to you and Kevin and your family.

In Christ's Love, SUE

My son Eric and Kevin went to Derby HS together so I have known Kevin for a long time.

10/4/2012 06:56:58 pm

Interesting read.


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