I realize it has been awhile since I have posted.  It is not because I mean to, time just keeps flying by.
I have many things to post on to update you all so I will just get to typing!

We have registered Gisselle and Cristhian for school!  If anyone of you have been considering helping change the direction of these kids lives, now is the time to jump in and help!  August 25th and the kids will have a future that was impossible for their mother to even hope for just 6 months ago. 

The breakfast kitchen is in its seventh week of feeding approx. 40 kids 5 days a week.  There is a big change in the appearance of so many of the children.  The next part for those that have been coming is to deal with the worms and parasites.  Kevin has received 200 tablets than can be given to children 2 and up.   Only one tablet is needed every 6 months.  This will further help improve the lives of these kids and they can receive more of the nutrients that their little bodies need.

We have a second family living with us now!  They have actually been her almost 2 months, and I am just now getting to share about them with you.  Marcello and his wife Eliza moved in when they had no where else to go.  They came with their 1 year old daughter Isis and are expecting  another baby in about 6 weeks.  Elisa is 18 years old and is currently not able to read, not having had the opportunity to attend school.  Marcello is trying to work as he can find work and save to get a place of their own for his family.  I am planning to have Eliza be the first recipient of my mommy project as Josiah is just about out of diapers and I have some to share.

On another note, I have a found a woman who is able to sew.  She is willing to make the slings!  I am in the process of trying to locate rings here in-country instead of waiting until the end-of-the-year trip to the states to buy them.   I am also hoping to get a sling for Eliza by the time baby #2 arrives.

I found her when I was asking around about making Honduran dresses for the girls to wear for Dia de Lempira here in Gracias.

Celia was just here for a 2 week visit.  It was great to have her here.  The kids enjoyed it and she was able to see Honduras and see the people.  She was also able to see the land we have asked God for.  If you see her, you need to ask her about it.  It is quite the adventure to just get to land but is beautiful and it is a great location for some of the visions that God is planting in us to be a blessing to the people of Honduras and to be able to reach them with the Love of our God.   It also grew in size.  The woman who owns the land next to the original land, has offered to sell us her land also at a reasonable discount.  We are now talking about close to 24 acres of land!

pam goff
7/30/2011 01:28:35 am

Wow, what an experience you have going there! A true inspiration! Good luck & God bless......


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