It is hard to believe it has been a month already and this is my first opportunity to blog.  A lot has happened and I have written many blog entries in my head over the past weeks, but it is hard to remember them.  I am going to make my best attempt to sum up the past month this week.
Day 1: Travel day
We made it to the airport right about 4:30 am CST as the airline opened.  I am thankful we were there to be 2nd in line.  It took awhile to get us all signed in with passports scanned and then have our 11 checked bags all weighed and tapped up.  They all, thankfully, were within the weight and size restrictions.  There were snow flurries in the air that night and it was only about 35 degrees out.
First plane rides for half the family.  Josiah loved being close to the planes, being able to look out the window and see them, and then finally sitting in one!  The first flight was only to Houston and it was a smaller plane.  There was no on-board snack or it would have been just perfect.  Making the plane change in Houston was crazy (to say the least).  4 kids and 10 small pieces of luggage going from golf cart to elevator to tram to elevator to golf cart in only 50  We were pulling up to the counter as they were announcing the final boarding call.  We made it....that is all that needs to be said.
We made it to San Pedro Sula at 11 am local time and it had to be over 90 degrees outside.  After passport stamps and luggage claim and some trading of dollars for Lempiras we were off to Gracias.  It took close to 5 hours with a stop for lunch as we pulled into Gracias about 4:30 pm (5:30 Kansas Time).  It                                                                                          was a long day but we made it to our new home.

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