I am excited for what this years holds.  So many of the things we have prayed for and have been seeking to do are coming together.  I know this year will hold a lot of opportunities for growth in faith, in patience, in love for others, in all areas of life.... I am willing and ready to grow.   
I am trying new things like my own extracts to have a few of the items you can not buy in any store here.  I started almond, cacao, coconut, lime and mandarin orange. 
I am still working through what works for us to have 2 kids schooling here at the house and 2 that are younger needing my attention also.  We have been searching for someone to help in the house with some of the daily household needs to give me more time with the kids but it is proving to be a challenge to find someone.

Big thanks to some of the teachers who have come to Gracias to teach a year at one of the local bilingual schools for coming over last weekend to paint the beds.   Seven are done and one is waiting on a second coat of green.  They look great and I am so thankful they are complete, painted, and in the house.  They have mattress and some friends and soft blankets waiting for their new owners. Some of you that have given to the Mommy Project might spy something that you gave including the tub of cloth diapers below also.

On the shelf below is all the items the ministry has been given, is from the curriculum my girls use or I have found around Gracias for the schooling needs the children will have.  Please be praying as this school is a large need we see in the future and we are seeking the people that God wants to use to rise up and prepare to join the work down here.
The other large project I have been working on is the work of nesting for both genders and a wide range of ages.  I have been picking up discarded baskets that the avocados arrive to town in and putting them to a new use as I sort the clothing by size, gender and seasons.
I have updated the needs page on this site.  I am praying for those to that follow our ministry and have the ability to give the items on the list to please do so.  We are putting together a shipment to be send down mid February.  If you would like to help out there are locations in Derby KS, Dallas TX, or Houston TX to bring or ship items. 
Thank you for being a part of Gods plans for Honduras.

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