I realize the last post has lots of pictures of a place without the details of how we are going to be using the property.  This post will be details. 
We are signing a three year least to start November 1st. 
We will move in this coming weekend. 

There are a few immediate things that need to be done to the place :
1)  Kevin will be reworking some of the fencing and adding an iron gate to the front of the property to keep our kids and animals in and others out.  There is a river that runs right along the property which is a wonderful relaxing sound, but as a mother to 4 curios and adventurous kids with more kids being added to the mix soon, I need to know there is no way for the kids to get to the river. 
2)  Right now there is a staircase in the family room that leads to an unfinished second level.  As in just a concrete slab without anything keeping a child on the roof.   Kevin also has the job putting up a wall in the living room to keep kids in and any curious birds or creatures out.
3)  The kitchen has rough poured concrete cabinets spaces, but no counter tops or cabinets and the wall are still rough to the tough.  I love to cook for my family but I need just a little more to settle in and be able to cook for our family and friends. 

We also will be receiving a list from the Honduran organization INFA that works similar to the SRS in the US with the requirements needed to the house to qualify as a Children's Home or a Hogar de Niños.   We have yet to receive that list but we know we will be building beds and dressers and need another table and chairs for kitchen at the very least.

We are believing God that all things will be in place to begin receiving kids into our home by February 1st.  We envision our home growing by as many as 12 in the next 3 years.  After much prayer and talking with many others we have decided that our home will be accepting both girls and boys and they will be no older than 3 years of age.  We know this ministry will take more than the 2 of us.  We ask for continual prayers as we work thru the process and are open for to help in many different areas.  Here most kids removed from their homes and placed in care are not able to be replaced back with their families.  We are planning that the kids placed in out care will become ours until they reach the ago of 21, the age for legal adulthood here in Honduras.  We goal is to love and encourage them into the arms of our Father to fulfill the purposes of God for their lives. 

We are wanting to use the land in each and every way to provide for the people that will be calling here home. 
1)  We desire fruit trees.  There is already banana, papaya, lime, lemon, nancie and guava trees.  I would like to add mango, avocado, moringa, and plantains at the start.
2)  We desire chickens for eggs and for meat.
3)  We desire a tilapia pond with hydroponic vegetables...tomatoes and salad green.
4)  We desire a garden will all different yummy foods growing to be eaten fresh or canned for the future.

Please add your faith to ours that God will

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