My project list has been centered around getting the inside of the house ready for more kids.  Nesting without the being pregnant part.  I have been collecting children's clothes including the clothes my kids out grow for about a year now.  It was a great blessing that another missionary family received several boxes with and gave them to our family to use.  I also save all the clothes my kids outgrow.  I am collecting discarded avocado crates to organize them by gender and size.   I am also working on creating beds.  I found a great idea on a German website for stack-able beds.  At close to $500 a piece and who knows what shipping cost, I decided to  make my own.  I am starting with 8 beds.  The kids are enjoying  paint on the anti termite coating in the pictures below.  I want to pick 2 colors to paint the beds.  Love to here your suggestions, just comment below!
We have been enjoying the fruits of others labor, literally.  There are about a dozen lime trees on this property and I splurged on a citrus juicer the other day to help avoid the hand cramping from making fresh limeade daily.  There are also several banana trees heavy with growing bunches and more than I am willing to count papaya trees flowering and fruiting around the property.  We did plant some pineapple plants that were given to us and will need to wait a few months to enjoy them.
Kevin along with our friend Marcelo have been hard at work digging the trench around the property.  It is about 1,000 feet worth of digging and this is only the first step.  Next they will pour a concrete and large rock footer about 2 feet high, install a 6 ft coated chain link fence on top of the wall and then add 3 rows of barbed wire.  A large under taking but will provide safely for our family and those living with us, including all the animals. 

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